A collection of Divi related topics created off the back of projects I have worked on.
Please note these are based off my experience and I cannot be certain that it will work for you, as such note that I do not offer support related to the blog posts below.

Display Tags On Your Blog Posts

On a recent project, my customer wanted to display post tags on his blog articles. Whilst this isn’t an option available in Divi, I have found that by adding some code to your functions.php file, the Tags will display just below the blog featured image. So,...

Add Social Icons to Divi

Divi currently only offers the option to add Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & RSS as social icons to your header and footer, but nowadays with the increased usage of social media this small selection of icons is no longer enough. I am going to show you how to add...

Limit WordPress Post Revisions

WordPress¬†revisions are created automatically by WordPress every 60 seconds or by yourself when you “Preview/Update” your page/post. Although these are a great thing to enable you to revert a change you aren’t quite happy with, these fill in your...

Swap Logo and Menu Positions in Divi with only CSS

For one of my recent projects, my client wanted to have their logo and menu swapped. So display the logo on the right hand side as oppose to left. This isn’t something you can easily customise in Divi unless you know some code. Whilst this isn’t a common...

Divi Jumping Header

When styling your Divi header via the Theme Customizer, Divi assigns CSS to both your page-container and main-header ID. This CSS is then injected using Javascript which is what causes the Divi jumping header. Your browser will render CSS before it renders Javascript,...

Divi Sticky Footer

I have been developing Divi sites for a while and not until recently did I find the solution to a bugbear most Divi developers have, the floating footer! Sometimes there will be pages that you create for your customers which may not have a lot of content, making the...


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