I’m sure we all agree that WooCommerce dashboard widgets are still very basic compared to other platforms out there.

To my knowledge, there is one plugin which provides some better reports and UI for your WooCommerce stats, but looking at its reviews it seems that it’s really slow.

For one of my latest personal projects, I was getting frustrated with the lack of visibility every time an order came through via WooCommerce, so I’ve been working on creating a widget to add to my WordPress Dashboard.

As you probably have gathered, I try to avoid plugins as much as possible to ensure that I do not bloat my websites with unnecessary code which in turns affects site performance.

Below is the initial code I’ve worked with which will display a widget on your WordPress dashboard area containing the Order ID, Total and Order Status.

This code is to be added to your functions.php file just before your closing tag ?> and PLEASE be sure to backup your website before you make any changes to your functions.php file! 

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