About Me

A geek at heart!

Hey there!

I’m Catarina, a passionate UK-based Divi WordPress Developer/Designer. By day, I transition into the role of a Digital Product Manager, leveraging my expertise to bring innovative ideas to life.

My journey into the world of web development began in 2013 when I delved into side projects alongside my full-time job. It was during this time that I discovered Divi, created by Elegant Themes, and it quickly became the cornerstone of the websites I craft.

Initially, my focus was on assisting small companies, start-ups, and entrepreneurs in translating their visions into captivating, modern, and sleek websites. My goal was to not only capture users’ attention but also convert them towards their desired objectives.

Specialising in Custom Divi Themes, converting PSDs to WordPress websites, Divi Theme Consultation & Optimization, Website Redesigns, and eCommerce solutions using WooCommerce, I sharpened my skills to deliver tailored solutions.

As life became busier, I decided to share my knowledge and experiences through blog posts, hoping to help others in overcoming challenges similar to those I faced.

While I now exclusively create websites for personal projects, you can still find me on Upwork when I’m in the mood for a new challenge. 🙂

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