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Add WooCommerce Orders Widget to WordPress Dashboard

I'm sure we all agree that WooCommerce dashboard widgets are still very basic compared to other platforms out there. To my knowledge, there is one plugin which provides some better reports and UI for your WooCommerce stats, but looking at its reviews it seems that...

Remove Sorting Options from WooCommerce Shop Drop Down

I recently launched an ecommerce website where all the products have a standard price. With the use of analytical tools such as Hotjar, I observed some of my users trying to sort the shop items by "Price: Low to High" which unfortunately made no difference considering...

Display Qty Needed To Qualify For FREE Shipping – Country Specific

Recently whilst working on one of my own projects, I had a rule setup which gave FREE Shipping to anyone purchasing 3 items or more in the UK. I wanted to show a message on the "Basket" page showing how many more items someone needed to add to their basket to qualify...