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Add Gift Wrap Options WooCommerce

One of my businesses is very popular around festive times such as Christmas. This year, I wanted to add the option for customers to gift wrap their purchase which not only will save them time but also increase my AOV (Average Order Value). As you would have seen, I am...

Add Title to WooCommerce Payment Section

We all know how WooCommerce is super powerful and how out the box you get a standard checkout page. Whilst this page is usually okay, and many lack the skills to optimise it further, there are some UX gaps and you can definitely make it a bit better for your users....

Add Overlay to WooCommerce Checkout

For one of my recent WooCommerce projects, I started to see an increase of failed and abandoned orders. With the help of Hotjar, a behaviour analytics and user feedback service, I was able to watch several users navigating through the site and I could see what their...

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