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Round Up Donation Box on Checkout

For one of my personal sites, I was looking at introducing an option to allow people to add a charity donation to their order. My use case was simply to have a section in between the cart and the payment options area which would calculate the difference between the...

Disable Theme Update Notification

I have a sub-domain which I use mainly as my sandbox for when I want to play with new code or new themes. I installed an old version of the Divi theme on it and for what I've been needing that sandbox for, I don't need to update the theme to its latest version but the...

Add WooCommerce Orders Widget to WordPress Dashboard

I'm sure we all agree that WooCommerce dashboard widgets are still very basic compared to other platforms out there. To my knowledge, there is one plugin which provides some better reports and UI for your WooCommerce stats, but looking at its reviews it seems that...